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3211 S. Golden State Blvd, Fresno, Ca 93725

About Us

Our Evolution


When Bruno Tosi first opened his scrap yard in the mid 1940’s on Fulton Street, he may not have realized he was establishing a legacy. Now the business is owned and operated by father-son duo, Randy and Nick Tosi. Four generations of servicing commercial and residential needs locally and internationally.

Metal recycling is a complex industry and Nick watches the commodity markets, taking cues from Wall Street in calculating the value of metals. “The image of my great-grandfather’s business is not the image of today’s business. We’ve changed a lot over the years, and for the better, to grow with our community and establish great partnerships in today’s market.” Nick refers to both the operation as well as the industry. 

As for Bruno’s, what began as a metal and iron salvage operation, has grown to a major resource for recycling in the Central Valley. Bruno’s is part of a nationwide industry, recycling massive quantities of various materials annually. “We’re a processing center,” Randy said. “We process all grades of metal to international standards and ship accordingly to various buyers across the country, and even around the globe. 60% of Bruno’s products are exported, predominately to the Pacific Rim; 20% is shipped to the East Coast, and the remaining 20% is shipped throughout the West Coast.

Always friendly, honest, and fair. By far the best recycling yard in Fresno County.

Meet the Duo

Each valued team member has extensive experience, contributing to multiple aspects of the recycling industry.


Randy Tosi

General Partner

Nick Tosi Image

Nick Tosi

Managing Partner